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Hunting Club SOKÓŁ



Region: Woj. Kujawsko-Pmorskie ( 60km of the south-east from Toruń)

Area: in all 3.750ha: forest- 70%, swamps/fields, likes 30%

Accommodation: Kat. S high standard of private hous only for disposal for hunters

Game: 15 Roebucks (average 300-350 gram) + wild-boar. There is possible to hunt for about 30-50 additional roebucks in neighborhood clubs. There is possible to meet roebucks over 400g. also. The neighborhood hunting area look similar as Sokół 5-6 Red-stags (average 5-6kg but it is possible to meet +8kg also)

Details: Very interesting hunting area with a lot of game: roe deer, red deer and wildboars, These areas are for 2-10 hunters in the same time. Term in May or Rutting Time to establish. We have there also very strong bucks . The top had 610g net (gold medal. There are very professional guides, nice service and very good accommodation in new build house only for disposal of hunters. House is located on the hunting area.Around hous is very big nice garden with bog pond, where you can fishing also. On the hunting area is beautiful forest and a few swamps and likes. There is very easy approach from Szczecin. Skępe is located nearby road Szczecin - Warszawa. We can organize also transfer from/to Warsaw Airport.


Our Hunting Office

"OSTOJA" Hunting Office Tel: +48 505084079, Tel: +48 507924005, Fax: +48 618436345, biuro@ostoja-hunting.pl