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Hunting Club PANTERA



Region: Wielkopolska, Area is lokated at about 50km of the east from Poznan and at about 220km of the East from Swiecko (German border)

Area: in all 5000 ha; forest 20%. Term to establish May/July/August

Game: about 10-12 Roebucks average 300-400 gram and wild-boars. There is possible to meet stronger roebucks about 500g and sometime stronger yet. Hunting offer for 2 hunters but we can organize other 10-12 similar good buck in neighborhood area for other 2 hunters..

Accomodation: Kat. "S" - Castle in Czerniejewo or Hotel nearby Czerniejewo

Details: It is very interesting hunting area with advantage fields but there is about 1000ha of forest and there are a lot of bushes on the fields and beautiful meadows. Good area for roe-deer and wild-boars.

Accommodation in very nice caslte or old hunting manor house in Czerniejewo. This house is located in very quiet and nice place. This area can take 2 hunters in the same time but it is possible to come as 4 hunters group because we can organize hunting in neighborhood area also.


Our Hunting Office

"OSTOJA" Hunting Office Tel: +48 505084079, Tel: +48 507924005, Fax: +48 618436345, biuro@ostoja-hunting.pl