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HUNTING IN POLAND - example of pricelist

We offer you all kind of hunts according to 2 pricelists.
One of them applies to huntings on the areas belonging to Hunting Clubs, Other one applies to huntings on the areas of National Forestries - Game Breeding Center (OHZ).

Below, we show prices basing on our example arrangement

Hunting  Price  
REDSTAGS  1618 € more
DRIVEN-HUNT (pricelist)
 815 € more
DRIVEN-HUNT (fixed price)
 od 1400 € more
 895 € more
ROEBUCKS (cat lux)
 1040 €


hunting offer

Our Hunting Office

"OSTOJA" Hunting Office Tel: +48 505084079, Tel: +48 507924005, Fax: +48 618436345, biuro@ostoja-hunting.pl