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Driven-hunt (fixed-price)

DRIVEN-HUNT (fixed price)

We offer you driven hunts for a big game for a group of 7-16 hunters regarding fixed price.
There is statistically 0,8 - 2 head of game to shoot for each hunter per day during this hunting. Driven hunt lasts for 3-4 days and usually there are about 3-5 redstags, hinds, calves,3-5 fallowstags, does, fownes, wildboars, does and kids for shoot. It is depend of offered hunting area.
We also offer driven hunts for pheasants, wild geese and wild ducks.
Usually it is additional, third or fourth day of your hunting for a big game. We can also organise a few days driven hunt only for wildfowl for you.


4 days staying and 3 days Driven-hunt in Hunting Clubs:
Price includes: Accommodation of category I with full board, organization of driven-hunt, transport and meal during driven-hunt, preparation of trophy,
shoot of:
Red/fallow deer, wild-boar, roe-deer
Price per Hunter: from 1400 € limited offer

Extra charges only :

- Insurance - 17 € per Hunter


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