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Driven-hunt (fixed-price)

DRIVEN-HUNT (fixed price)

We offer driven-hunt on tested and selected, the best areas. The best group should consist of 14-16 hunters but of course we can organize such kind of hunt for bigger and maller groups also. In case of smaller group, depending on areas, we can make this hunt only for 5-8 hunters or we can join a few smaller group in one bigger (if you wish of course)
Sometimes the group is builded from alone hunters. It is good opportunity for them to find new hunting friends.

Results of our driven-hunt are usually on level 0,8-2,5 head of game per day per hunter.
We have areas in all Poland, where you can shoot usually wild-boar, red-deer, roe-deer and predators but also area with mufflon and fallowdeer.

We are organizing 2-3-4-5-6 days of driven-hunt
Below you can find one of our examplar price offer  

Limited offer

Fixed-price 1480 € / hunter included: 

- 4 staying days with full board
- 3 driven-huntin days
- battue and dogs
- transport and meal during hunt
- all permissions
- interpreter
- preparation of trophies  

- shoot of game: wild-boar, red-deer, roe-deer. predators (depending of area also muflon, fallowdeer)


Price not included:
- surcharge to single room 13€ / day
- Airport transfers (on special wishes)




Driven-hunt (fixed-price)
Driven-hunt (fixed-price)
Driven-hunt (fixed-price)
Driven-hunt (fixed-price)
Driven-hunt (fixed-price)
Driven-hunt (fixed-price)

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