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Hunting Club KNIEJA



Region: Pomorskie (95km. Of the south from Gdańsk)

Area: in all 13.600ha; 5.400ha - forest

Accommodation: cat. I Private house (agroturism) in Klasztorek nearby Kwidzyn or hotel in Kwidzyn

Game: 10-15 roebucks (average 300-350g.) + wildboars. There are possibility for max 3 hunters in the same time. Term in May-August to establish. There is possible to shoot roebucks about 400-500g also. average 2,5-3kg but it is possible to meet over 3kg also) Fallow-stags (Driven-hunt - statistically row 1-1,5 head of game for hunters who are very good shooter. While this hunt, we offer wild-boars, fallow-deer, roe-deer (if hunting plan will be open yet- for roe-deer). The best group 12-16 hunters in term 15.11-15.01 to establish. We offer 1-2 hunting day in Knieja HC and 1-2 hunting day in Daniel HC (neighborhood area. In Daniel HC instead Fallowdeer are reddeer. Both areas ar similar

Details: Hunting area is located nearby Kwidzyn, between Gdańsk and Bydgoszcz. This beautiful place is located about 350km of the east from Szczecin but there is very good and fast approach via Bydgoszcz. This hunting area is dedicated for hunters who want to shoot average and very strong bucks even over 500g. There is possible to shoot wild-boars also. This area is dedicted also for hunters for driven-hunt who want to shoot mainly wild-boars but there is possible also to shoot there fallow-deer. This is very beautiful hunting place. There you can hunt in the nice forest, meadow, reeds, swamps, etc. This is very interesting hunting area. We offer you accommodation in the middle of area in private house (agroturistic) with full board, nice service and good cuisine. This house is located about 17km from Kwidzyn or hotel in Kwidzyn

Our Hunting Office

"OSTOJA" Hunting Office Tel: +48 505084079, Tel: +48 507924005, Fax: +48 618436345, biuro@ostoja-hunting.pl