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Hunting Club Bażant


in Bażant Hunting Club

We would like to offer very interesting hunt, in excellent hunting area nearby Szczecin. We offer there shoot of wild-boars and roe-deer (does and kids if hunting plan will agree yet. It is mainly wild-boar hunt offer). This is individual hunt offer for group of 2-3 hunters in the same time. We prefer there hunting by drive and walk but if hunters has special wishes to hunt by high-sits, it is possible also of course. The best term for this hunt is in January but we can organize this hunt earlier also..

Hunting area

This area is located at about 10km south from Szczecin. In total it has 10.000ha, incl. over 1000ha forest. It is very interesting place with a lot of game. This hunting Club, every season, has hunting plane: over 100 roe-deer, over 250 wild-boars. We offer to shoot at about 80 wild-boars and roe-deer if will be possible yet in January. The best results was over 23 wild-boar during 2 nights by group of 3 hunters.


We offer very nice pension in Ustowo at about 6km from Szczecin. It is located on hunting area. There is very nice service and for disposal of hunters are: single and double rooms, drink-bar, big and nice garden, car-park, and swimming-pool. There is really good standard in price of I category. It is perfectly place for relax after hunt and perfectly place for hunters, who want to visit Szczecin.


Our Hunting Office

"OSTOJA" Hunting Office Tel: +48 505084079, Tel: +48 507924005, Fax: +48 618436345, biuro@ostoja-hunting.pl