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Hunting Club Szarak



Region: Świętokrzyskie (77km. Of the north from Krakow)

Area: in all 13.500ha; 1.500ha - forest

Accommodation: cat. I private house (pension) in Raszkow or cat "S" Hotel in Jaranowice

Game: 15-20 roebucks (average 300-350g.) but there is possible to shoot also bucks about 500-650gram + wild-boars. Additional there is possible hunting in neighborhood district, where is possible to shoot other 6-10 roebucks

Details: Hunting area is located nearby Cracow (ca 75km of the north from Cracow - the biggest touristic city of south Poland This hunting area is prepared to all kind of individual hunting: high-sits, stalking, drive by jeep. We recommend accommodation (pension) in Raszkow because it is located in the middle of the hunting area. Hotel in Jaranowice is located on border of hunting area. Below you can see photos of examples roebucks which was shot in last seasons. Top roebucks trophy on this area had over 650g net. (gold medal)

Approach: Take the road no A4 from Zgorzelec to Kraków via Wroclaw, Opole, Katowice, In Krakow take the road No 7 to Wodzislaw (direct Jędrzejów, and Kielce). In Wodzisław you have to turn left and you go to Sędziszów then stright on to Słupia you have to turn left again and then after a few kilometers you will go to Raszków.


Our Hunting Office

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