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Driven-hunt (pricelist)

DRIVEN-HUNT (pricelist)

We offer you driven hunts for a big game for a group of 7-16 hunters.
There is statistically 0,8-2 head of game to shoot for each hunter per day during this hunting. Driven hunt lasts for 3-4 days and usually there are about 3-5 redstags, hinds, calves,3-5 fallowstags, does, fownes, wildboars, does and kids for shoot.
We also offer driven hunts for pheasants, wild geese and wild ducks. Usually it is additional, third or fourth day of your hunting for a big game. We can also organise a few days driven hunt only for wildfowl for you.

4 days staying and 3 days driven-hunt in Hunting Clubs
Price includes: Accommodation cat. I with full board, organization of driven-hunt, transport and meal during driven-hunt, preparation of trophy.
Shoot of game regarding pricelist

Price per Hunter: 815 €

Extra charges only :

- Insurance 17,00 € per hunter


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